Which steering wheel and hub adapter will fit my car?

All steering wheels on our website are universal and will fit any vehicle, but you will need the correct hub/boss adapter specific to your vehicle to install it.

Can I use an NRG hub adapter and NRG quick release setup with a different steering wheel?

Yes, the bolt pattern of the NRG short hub will fit other brands. You will need an NRG short hub and a regular sized NRG quick release, which would be from any 1.0 – 3.0 generation. An NRG short hub WILL NOT work with an NRG thin quick release. Only one component can be short or thin, NOT both.

If I do not want an NRG quick release, can I just use the NRG short hub by itself?

If you do not want to use a quick release, you will need an NRG ½ inch spacer so that there will be enough room for the horn.

Can I install my steering wheel with just an NRG quick release?

NO. Trying to install a steering wheel with a quick release will NOT work. When using a quick release it is a 3 piece system:

Short hub > Quick Release > Steering wheel.

The quick release is NOT a hub in itself, and must be installed in addition with a short hub adapter. You can install a hub adapter without a quick release, but you cannot install a quick release without a hub adapter.

How far will the steering wheel stick out after I install the NRG quick release?

It really depends on the depth of your steering wheel. With the use of an NRG short hub, the quick release only adds 2.5" to the steering column.

Do the steering wheels come with screws?

Yes, all our NRG steering wheels come with screws.

Do all of your quick releases 'ping' when latched?

Only our Generation 2.0 quick releases make the iconic 'ping'.